High technology

often abbreviated to high tech (adjective forms high-technology, high-tech or hi-tech) is technology that is at the cutting edge: the most advanced technology available.

Low technology

often abbreviated low tech (adjective forms low-technology, low-tech, lo-tech) is simple technology, often of a traditional or non-mechanical kind, such as crafts and tools that pre-date the Industrial Revolution. It is the opposite of high technology.

Technology sectors

The sector approach classifies industries according their technology intensity,product approach according to finished products.

Appropriate technology

Appropriate technology is an ideological movement (and its manifestations) originally articulated as intermediate technology by the economist Dr. Ernst Friedrich "Fritz" Schumacher in his influential work, Small is Beautiful.

High-tech society

When speaking of a high-tech society in a non-literal way, it is usually in reference to an overall society based in high-tech. However, this is something generally unattainable by the definition comprising its scarcity among every technology available.

vendredi 13 novembre 2020

A Covid Vaccine Nears, Biden Gets to Work, and More News

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

SpaceX to launch first official crewed mission to space station

SpaceX Crew-1

Elon Musk's SpaceX is poised to send a crew of four astronauts to the International Space Station on Saturday evening in NASA's first operational mission using the Crew Dragon capsule.

This electric car built by Dutch students is made entirely of waste — even the chassis


Dutch students have created a fully functioning electric car made entirely out of waste, including plastics fished out of the sea, recycled plastic bottles and unsorted household garbage.

This electric car built by Dutch students is made entirely of waste — even the chassis


Dutch students have created a fully functioning electric car made entirely out of waste, including plastics fished out of the sea, recycled plastic bottles and unsorted household garbage.

B.C. biotech company working on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

B.C. biotech company working on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

A Vancouver-based biotech company brought its genetic know-how to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine development. Thomas Madden, president and CEO of Acuitas Therapeutics, explains his company's contribution to the vaccine effort.

U.S. Commerce Department says it won't enforce ban for now, as TikTok sale deadline passes


The U.S. Department of Commerce has backed down from its previous order for Chinese-owned video-sharing platform TikTok to sell its assets in the U.S. or shut itself down.

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/12/2020

Payloads GRIP: The crew performed an external Hard drive installation to the SSC-6 laptop in preparation for upcoming GRIP operations. The GRIP experiment studies the long-duration spaceflight effects on the abilities of human subjects to regulate grip force and upper limbs trajectories when manipulating objects during different kind of movements: oscillatory movements, rapid discrete movements …

SpaceX Is Ready to Launch Its First Official Crewed Mission

Saturday’s SpaceX launch will mark the return of regular crewed launches in the US after nearly a decade hiatus.

Tracking the effects of climate change on Arctic animals is no easy task

Arctic bird release

In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at how scientists go about tracking Arctic animals in an era of climate change and why so many tampon applicators end up on beaches.

B.C.'s open-net salmon farms on the way out, but replacement systems may differ by region

Fish Health Audit 20181101

DFO considering "area-based management" would could mean different rules for different areas of the B.C. coast.

N.W.T. wolf cull that killed 54 animals cost $630,000

Bluenose-East caribou

The territorial government spent almost $12,000 per animal to kill wolves that feed on the Bathurst and Bluenose East caribou herds. 

Trudeau government close to unveiling plan to hit net-zero emissions by 2050


The federal government is set to introduce climate accountability legislation as early as next week to formally commit Canada to its target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We’ll Need More Than One Vaccine to Beat the Pandemic

All the Covid vaccine candidates work in different ways, and none will be perfect for everyone. It’ll take a slate of options to help cover us all.

Marketplace tested over 20 different masks. Here's what will best protect you and others during the pandemic

Mask grid

Public health officials have said masks are critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19, but rigorous tests conducted on behalf of CBC's Marketplace found that while some work very well, others offer little protection from particles that transmit the novel coronavirus. And one type of mask can even spread the particles to others.

jeudi 12 novembre 2020

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/11/2020

Payloads Standard Measures: The crew performed Flight Day 30 Saliva collections. The aim of the investigation is to ensure consistent capture of an optimized, minimal set of measures from crewmembers until the end of the ISS Program in order to characterize the adaptive responses to and risks of living in space. Among other things, the …

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/10/2020

Payloads Radiation Dosimetry Inside ISS-Neutrons (RADI-N2) – The crew retrieved the eight Radi-N2 bubble detectors from the JEM Panel FD3/JPM1F3 location and handed the detectors to the Russian crew for processing and data download. The objective of this Canadian Space Agency investigation is to better characterize the ISS neutron environment, define the risk posed to …

Shell gives customers option to offset their carbon emissions for two cents per litre

gas station prices vancouver surrey lower mainland bc

Shell Canada is letting carbon-conscious customers get their two cents in for the environment while filling up at one of its 1,400 stations across Canada.

Fireball Is Werner Herzog’s Ode to Space Rocks

A new documentary from the German auteur examines the influence of meteorites on cultures around the world.

Study finds climate-changing methane emissions from oilpatch twice as high as thought

Oilpatch Monitoring Letter 20200604

Emissions of a potent greenhouse gas from Canada's oilpatch are nearly twice as high as previously thought, says newly published federal research.

How Biden Can Make Climate Progress With a Divided Congress

Environmental experts say the administration may fare better by working with green governors and clean tech businesses, and by signing executive orders.

'I don't think I owe that:' Windsor senior who is visually impaired shocked by $13K cell phone bill

Willie Guerard

Virgin Mobile will be substantially reducing the outstanding balance for an 80-year-old man from Amherstburg who is visually impaired and is facing $13,000 dollars worth of charges on his cell phone bill. 

Covid Winter is Coming. Could Humidifiers Help?

As the air gets drier, and people stay indoors with the heater on, humidity will likely play a role in how easily the respiratory virus spreads.

Destroyed 'murder hornet' nest near U.S.-B.C. border contained nearly 200 queens, scientists say

Asian giant hornet

When scientists destroyed the first nest of so-called murder hornets found in the U.S., they discovered about 200 queens.

mercredi 11 novembre 2020

Pandemic may be boosting Canadian trust in scientists, survey finds


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic may have boosted failing public trust in science and scientists, a new survey has found.

Hurricanes could reach farther inland due to climate change, study suggests

fishing shed sept 8

Hurricanes that make landfall are maintaining their strength longer because of climate change, a new study suggests, meaning such storms could have more of an impact than in the past.

The Plan to Turn Scrapped Rockets Into Space Stations

Spent rockets are dangerous space trash, but they could be the future of living and working in orbit.

Thinking About a Holiday Gathering? Look at This Map First

An alarming visualization shows the odds that at least one Covid-positive person attends a given event. It should give us all pause about family plans.

The Strange and Twisted Tale of Hydroxychloroquine

The much-hyped drug sparked a battle between power and knowledge. Let’s not repeat it.

B.C. ecologist uses facial recognition software to track grizzly bears


Facial recognition technology previously used on humans has huge implications for managing bear-human interactions, says UVic ecologist who has developed software to identify grizzly bears.

mardi 10 novembre 2020

Why It's a Big Deal If the First Covid Vaccine Is 'Genetic'

If approved by the FDA, Pfizer and BioNTech's mRNA vaccine would be the first of its kind, setting a record for speed—but raising questions about distribution.